Natural gas safety

The Town of Walker has buried gas pipelines throughout the gas service area. The Gas Maintenance Department maintains these pipelines and has a damage control program and an Emergency Plan for responding to emergency situations.

Before you dig

Prior to any excavation in and around any gas facilities, call the following:

» Walker Municipal Building: 225-664-3123
» LA One Call: 811

How to recognize a natural gas leak

Natural gas leaks may be detected by one of the following indications on or near our pipelines right-of-way:

» A gaseous or hydrocarbon odor.
» A blowing or hissing sound.
» Dust blowing from a hole in the ground.
» Continuous bubbling in one spot in a wet or flooded area.
» Dead vegetation [grass or trees]
» Abnormally dry or hardened soil.
» Fire apparently coming from the ground or burning above the ground.

Caution: Gas that has accumulated in a confined space is subject to explosion. Please stay away from the immediate area of any suspected gas leak.

Note: Buried gas lines beyond the gas meter or between the gas meter and your home or another customer structure are NOT maintained by the Town of Walker and are subject to corrosion or leakage. These buried gas lines should be checked periodically for leakage.

If you suspect a gas leak

If you suspect a natural gas leak, or in case of an emergency concerning a Town of Wlaker gas main or service line, please immediately call the Walker Municipal Building at 225-664-3123.

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