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The City of Walker works for you. That's why Mayor Jimmy Watson is committed to establishing an unprecedented atmosphere of transparency, public participation and collaboration. Walker is at its best when its citizens are informed and engaged in the community.

Walker Online is designed to give residents access to the inner workings of local government, from our audits to our financial updates. If you don't find something here you're looking for, we've provided a form for you to submit a public records request. Feel free to also call the mayor's office at 225-665-4356 to request something or email Myra Streeter at, and we'll be happy to help.

Public Records

In Louisiana, anyone 18 years or older has the right to examine, copy or obtain a copy of a public record [unless specifically exempted] of any public body, including state, parish or municipal agency or board. Generally, anything "having been used, being in use or prepared" for use in the conduct of public business is a public record, regardless of physical form. Public records include such things as drafts of documents, statistics, maps, letters, memos, budget requests, budgets, tapes, electronic data, payrolls, certain retirement information and tax assessment rolls. The public records law does, however, exempt certain records. For a copy of the public records law, click here.

To request records from the City of Walker, click here.  Please fill out the form and fax to (225) 667-9075 or email to



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