Educate your family

The best way to avoid any kind of natural gas emergency in your home is through education. Here are some tips for ensuring that everyone in your family understands the importance of playing it safe:

» Get the whole family together for a guided tour of your home's gas-burning appliances.

» Teach small children to stay away from all gas-burning equipment. Remind them to keep toys, books and games away from water heaters, furnaces and ranges, and not to swing from gas pipes or play with flexible connector hoses.

» Don't forget the gas meter. The gas meter measures your home's gas consumption, and includes an emergency shutoff valve. Adults in your household should know how to close this valve in the event of a gas emergency in your home. The gas meter needs to be kept free of debris, ice and obstruction at all times.

» Teach children what to do if they smell gas. Instruct older childen to leave the home and call the Walker Gas Department if they smell a gas leak while you're away. Remind them not to use matches, turn lights on and off, use a flashlight or use the phone or other electrical appliances, as a spark from any of these things could ignite the gas and cause it to explode.

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